Essex Plant hire for the best deal in Essex

If you’re looking to hire plant machinery Essex Plant Hire is the only name you need to know! We have access to a huge range of Plant machinery which is available for hire across Essex and surrounding areas.

We offer both short and long term hire for a wide range of Excavators, diggers, dump trucks and rollers. From Mini diggers to full size excavators and everything in between.

We have branches located across Essex and which enables us to match or beat any genuine quote!

Mini digger hire

  • 1 ton Mini Diggers
  • 2 ton Mini Diggers
  • 3 ton Mini Diggers

We will beat any plant hire quoteFULL SIZE EXCAVATORS UP TO 25 ton
Larger sizes available on request

We also offer a wide range of Hydraulic breakers / Peckers / Crusher buckets and other accessories available.

Let us know, we can provide an operator with all our plant equipment.

Mini dumper hire

  • 1 ton Mini Dumper
  • 3 ton Mini Dumper
  • 5 ton Swivel Dumpers

We also offer Rollers and Bulldozers, send over your requirements and we will try and get back ASAP.

Mini dumper hire essex
Mini digger hire essex
Micro dumper hire Essex

Plant Hire Benefits

If you are a small business based in Basildon or Colchester in Essex, it makes a lot of sense to use equipment rentals from Essex Plant Hire. Hiring large plant equipment from Essex based Essex Plant Hire is a lot cheaper than buying it on your own, and far more effective in the long run.

Mini Digger Hire EssexSpecifically, your benefits include not having to make any huge outlays on heavy equipment, and gaining access to the best maintained excavators, dumper trucks, diggers and other rental equipment, that are always available on demand.

Plant hire or equipment rental provides your business with the tools needed for both routine and urgent work, without having to pay too much for it. Many of the heavy equipments that are made available by the Basildon and Colchester based Essex Plant Hire are those that your business needs at some point, but not on a regular basis. Using a plant hire’s services carries huge benefits.

The biggest advantage of hiring a plant rental is that your business saves considerable expenditure as renting heavy equipment costs much less than purchasing them, especially when the equipment will only be sporadically used.

Even if your business requires the equipment on a regular basis, it is always a better option to lease it from a plant hire such as Essex Plant Hire, as you wouldn’t have to spend any money on maintenance of the equipment and don’t have to pay for any repairs either – this is a great advantage to have and helps your business achieve significant savings.

Renting equipment from Essex Plant Hire adds flexibility to your business. Your business needs will change with time. As your business gets bigger, you may no longer require the equipments used in the past, and may need bigger, more expensive equipment.

1.5 Tonne Hi-Swivel scaleMost businesses solve this problem by not buying all the equipments they need, but renting them from a plant hire. This makes it so much easier for them to exchange the equipment they do not need any longer for those that they require on an urgent basis. This way, despite changes in your business requirements, you can carry on just as before, with bigger and better equipment, without incurring any additional losses on them.

Another benefit is that rather than pay a lump sum for the equipment, it is a far better idea to pay a much smaller monthly fee for it, which makes it easier for your business to afford it. You will save a lot of working capital this way, which can surely be used for far better purposes, such as marketing or for installing new technologies.

Many rental equipments such as excavators, dumper trucks and diggers are quite expensive. Most businesses require credit to be able to buy them. By renting from plant hires such as Essex Plant Hire, businesses don’t need to get credit to buy the equipment, which saves them from a plenty of potential problems that could crop up later if unable to pay the loan in time.

In the UK, you are allowed to deduct the rental costs of using heavy equipment from a plant hire when you file your business tax returns. This means your business will have significantly lower tax liability to deal with, so you will have a higher operating capital left over, which can be put to more profitable uses.

Because of the several benefits described here, we feel that renting large equipment from the Basildon and Colchester based Essex Plant Hire, rather than making an outright purchase, is highly advantageous for your business.

If you would like to get in touch with us at Essex Plant Hire and find out what we can do for your business,